Sep 26th, 2017



When all these fools call Trump a racist..they're calling us racists.

When Trump speaks up against the fools who are "taking a knee", he speaks up for us.

I'm glad Trump has taken on this war with the NFL.  We will win..and he will win..if we mean what we say and actually boycott the NFL.

And as for Jerry and the Cowboys..They're cowards.  Sitting on fences gets you a pain the a--, that's it.  A fence sitter is a coward.  They stand with the Kapernicks.

Speaking of Kapernick, this all started with him.  It's all about anti-cops and anti-America and anti-flag/anthem feelings.  That's all this is.  Hatred for cops and country.  Nothing else. It's good vs. evil.

OH..stop lionizing the one Pitsburgh Steeler who stood up, Alejandro Villanueva.  So many people STILL don't realize he changed his stance the very next day, saying he was "sorry that he did that to his team and his coach".  Several Army Rangers called in last night and agreed with me: He surrendered his Army Ranger card.  He took fame and fortune over being an Army Ranger.  He's not the hero you thought he was.  Sorry. 

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