Mass Shooting-Gun Grabbing

Nov 5th, 2017



I'm really sick of this. People who don't even live in our state, saying they know what's best for take away our guns.

Take guns away from your constituents in PA, CA, IL....NOT OURS!!  You sick folk!

And Obama, acting like he's President, calling to take away our guns.  Get lost!

It was a GUN OWNER who pursued and stopped this killer.  That much we know.

PLEASE, talk with your church.  PLEASE have a PLAN at your church.  Please, get TRAINED, armed and get an LTC/CHL. 

No shooter should last more than 15 seconds without getting gunned down by one of us.

Now, pray..pray for the families and their loved ones.  Pray for God's protection and provision.  And dismiss those who say praying is not enough.  Yes, we need to do our part, but the God of Jacob and Abraham, who is the Creator of everything, controls all, through His Son Jesus, whom literally holds every scintilla of this planet together.  I trust Him!


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