The Definition of Insanity

Dec 7th, 2017



The definition of doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.

That's exactly what we've been doing with Isreal.  How has it been working out for us, these past 25 years, saying Jerusalem IS the capital of Israel, yet not officially declaring it..holding it back years and years and years.  

Several administrations, Republican and Democrat have done this.  It has gotten us nowhere. 

It took a pair to do what Trump did.  He threw out the stupid thing we were supposedly holding for negotiations and said, "no, it's off the, let's begin".  GREAT.  WISE. BOLD.

It's about time someone tried something new and unafraid.  And the threats of violence?  Like they haven't been doing that for 25 years already? Bring it on, we'll smoke you.

Well done, Trump, well done.

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