Act 2

Dec 13th, 2017



These three women coming out on Monday was the STUPIDEST thing I've seen in a WHILE!!  

Take your pic on which version you prefer...HERE or HERE..THIS is the show they did for us. "Hello, my honey, hello my sweetie, hello my ragtime gal...".

Just a dumb shuck and jive of the same old rehashed crap we saw a year and a half ago from the same three clowns.  And one of them..the only thing she "has" on Trump: "He looked at me like a piece of meat", as she stood in a bathing suit for Miss America.  Really?  This is the new standard on getting folks to resign?  The other lady, a democrat who doesn't remember which flight it was on 3 or more decades ago, etc.

If these were new cases, fine.  They're not.  We litigated this when Trump ran for prez. Nothing new.  Take a hike.

Oh, and what an EPIC failure for Kirsten Gillebrand and CNN's Christianne Amanpour (sp?)..Acting like this was major news and calling for him to step down. VERY FUNNY! 

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