Trump Tax Plan: Resounding Success

Dec 21st, 2017



I've told you so many times that I thought folks who wanted Trump to be prez were nuts.

But here we are, a year into it and I'm blown away.  I truly think he could become one of the greatest presidents ever.

How the heck can the Dems sit here and attack something that just got 200,000 AT&T employees a $1,000 bonus and $1B invested into our country after the tax bill passed.  The same with 5/3rd Bank and Wells Fargo.  It's as if Trump wrote their press releases.

Isn't this EXACTLY what the Dems saythey care about?  Getting average folks like us an extra $1k bonus?  

This is a huge win for Trump.  And this will portend other huge wins.  The Dems look like fools protesting this.  Home sales are at their highest levels in 11 yrs.  The average 401k is at $100, has gone up around $25k since Trump took over.  How will folks be against this?  They won't.  More wins and more votes for Trump in WI, PA and OH, for sure.  As I've said so many times this past year: Trump will win with even MORE votes in his next election.  

Wow. Impressive.  Grateful. 

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