SOTU and Memogate

Jan 30th, 2018



The talking heads were asking: "Which Trump will we get tonight?".  I think it's great we don't know what to expect.  It's one of the things that makes this president hard to target and stop!

But, I do think we'll get the calm, strong leader we've seen in speeches like this before.  Some of my contemporaries are saying that the speech will "wow" folks, and then within a day or three, Trump will have a Twitter meltdown again and ruin it all.  Maybe, but that's who he is.  

Overall, this first year has been a rousing success.  I had no idea how important the passage of his tax plan was, but now I see the untold blessings from it.  The list of major US companies giving bonuses, raises..Apple repatriating a quarter of a TRILLION dollars back into the US, paying $38B in taxes for it, hiring 20,000 new employees.  This is INSANE.  We've NEVER seen ANYTHING like this in modern history that I can think of.  That's why the Heritage Foundation came out and said Trump has done better than REAGAN did in his first year!!!!! OMGosh!

The memo: Trump is SO spot on to say today that he won't release it until after the SOTU.  Smart, bipartisan.  I don't know what to make of the memo.  It's either SO BAD the Repubs are tempering themselves..or it's fairly bad, but they're making it even bigger.  Either way, this is an amazing moment in history, and I think it's why FBI Dir. Wray fired his Deputy yesterday.

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